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Doctor referral

Kazuhiro Asakawa

Kazuhiro Asakawa


Director of Asakawa Clinic

​■ Director's greeting

Asakawa Clinic has been providing medical care as a local family doctor in Setagaya, Setagaya Ward for more than 60 years since my father, Mirei Asakawa.

"Listening carefully to what patients have to say" is the practice style of "Asakawa Clinic". We will listen to your concerns as long as time permits, and support your health both physically and mentally. Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if it is trivial.

We offer a wide range of medical services to support the health of everyone in our community. We strive to provide easy-to-understand explanations for patients, and strive to be a clinic that everyone in the community can rely on.


Influenced by my father (Asakawa Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), I initially wanted to become an obstetrician and gynecologist, and entered and graduated from Nippon Medical School School of Medicine. After that, I was engaged in hospital emergency medicine and internal medicine community medicine, and in 1989, I opened Asakawa Clinic with my father Mirai Asakawa. In addition to conventional internal medicine, we are well versed in minor surgical operations such as trauma and Chinese herbal medicine treatment.

Setagaya Ward Tsurumaki Junior High School School Doctor

​Nippon Life Insurance Company contract doctor

Kisuke Asakawa

Asakawa Takasuke

副院長 浅川貴介

Vice Director of Asakawa Clinic

​■Deputy Director's Greeting

My name is Takasuke Asakawa, and I am in charge of outpatient services on Fridays and Saturdays.

He is the son of the director, Kazuhiro Asakawa. Thank you.

Specializes in general internal medicine and nephrology (blood pressure, swelling, and urinary abnormalities). I have been engaged in internal medicine and pediatric outpatient treatment, home-visit treatment, dialysis treatment, and industrial physician (health management for companies) in order to respond to a wide range of age groups. Please feel free to contact us.


Hobbies: Raising children, sauna, running

Favorite reading: medical books, latest papers

​■ Career


私立東邦大学医学部卒業 医師免許取得


公益財団法人日産厚生会玉川病院 初期臨床研修医修了


東邦大学医療センター大橋病院 腎臓内科 大学院修了






·medical doctor

・Japanese Society of Internal Medicine General Medicine Specialist

・Designated doctor for intractable diseases certified by the Bureau of Social Welfare, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

・Nephrologist, Japanese Society of Nephrology

・Dialysis Specialist, Japanese Society for Dialysis Medicine

・Occupational physician certified by the Japan Medical Association

・Occupational health consultant (health and hygiene)

physical therapy


We maintain and improve motor function through exercise, heat, and manipulations for problems such as back pain and stiff shoulders, illness, injury, the elderly, and disabilities.

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